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DM110 Series

If abnormal condition occurs when the unit is connected to a PC via USB, what to do?
Please remove the DM110 series and connecting to the PC again. If the condition is still the same, please reboot the computer and Windows, then try the connection again.

What to do if I/O errors occur when the flash card is inserted into DM110 series ?
Please remove the flash card and re-insert it again. Occasionally bad contact surface problems may happen in less frequently used card reader.

GO! Suite software could not be started automatically?
Please remove DM110 series software and reconnect the computer. If the software still cannot be started automatically, please click “GO! Suite” under the “My Computer” folder and execute the file “GSLoader.exe” to launch the virtual device.

When running GO! Suite, the remote computer shows the connection was not successful.
Please disconnect the USB cable on the remote computer, and then reconnect the USB cable. If the problem is not resolved, please re-boot the remote computer before reconnect the USB cable.

One-Key backup operation could not be used?
Please make sure which one-key backup function is selected, either “from multi-card slot” or “from computer file”.