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DM220 Series

Do the DM220 series products support larger than 64GB capacity flash cards or USB external storage devices?
Yes. All DM220 series products can support reading larger capacity storage devices.

What file system formats for flash cards and external USB storage devices are supported by DM220 series products?
DM220 series products support 3 file formats: FAT, FAT32, and NTFS. For FAT and FAT32, both read/write functions are supported; for NTFS, only read function is supported.

If the format on the flash card or USB external storage device is exFAT, how can DM220 use such devices?
In case of using exFAT formatted devices, we suggest that the user download the free third-party software (e.g. http://fat32-format.en.softonic.com/download) and convert the file format of the storage device to FAT32 format which can be supported in DM220 series products.

The “Disc Spanning” message appeared on display screen when the ENT button on DM220 series is pushed. What does that mean?
If the capacity of the Flash Card is larger than the remaining capacity of the disc, the unit will alert the user that the disc spanning operation is needed, i.e. use multiple discs. After the capacity of the current disc is used up, it will automatically eject the disc and prompt the user to put in a new blank disc so the remaining information will be burned into the next disc.

The message “Not Writable Disc!” appeared on the display of DM220 series. What to do?
Please check to make sure the disc to be burned is a blank disc. Please note that a used disc that has been burned on other units or on any PC may not be usable on DM220 series. In such case, please put in a new blank disc and make sure it is from a good quality source.

The message “Fail!” appeared on the display of DM220 series. What to do?
Please check to see if there is any single file in the Flash Card that is larger than 650MB (for CD/RW), or larger than 4GB (for DVD/RW), or if there are more than 500 folders in the flash card. Any of the above three situations will cause the failed condition. This unit is not designed to handle such extreme situations.

If abnormal condition occurs when the unit is connected to a PC via USB, what to do?
Please turn off the DM220 series and turn back on before connecting to the PC. If the condition is still the same, please reboot the computer and Windows, then try the connection again.

The red LED is blinking continuously on DM220 series when it is powered by the batteries. What does it mean?
It mean the batteries are about to run out of power. Please replace the batteries to avoid disruption of the burning operation and possible incomplete disc copy.

Why is it difficult to insert the card into the CF slot of DM220 series?
Please remove the CF card /MD first and check the pins in the CF slot, and make sure they are not bent or deformed. If any of the pins is bent or deformed, please do not forcefully insert the card again; otherwise it may damage the slot. In such situation, please call for technical support.

What to do if I/O error occurs when the flash card is inserted into DM220 series?
Please remove the flash card and re-insert it again. Occasionally bad contact surface problems may happen in less frequently used card reader. If the display has no response, please use the reset function to restart the unit.

When using DM220-P08, or DM220-BD model, the movie file cannot be played. What to do?
Please make sure the movie file format is AVI (i.e. Motion JPEG). Currently only the AVI file is supported.

When using the AV cables to connect a TV set to DM220-P08, or DM220-BD model, the picture cannot be displayed.
Please make sure the cable is connected to the correct ports and the signal input source on the TV is correctly selected.

Why does DM220-P08 or DM220-BD not respond to the remote control?
Please make sure the batteries in the remote control still have sufficient power and the signal reception LED on the main unit is blinking normally.

When using DM220 series, the optical disk drive cannot support the operation or cannot be operated properly.
It is possible that the interface connector to optical disk drive may be loose or have poor contact. Please turn off the power of DM220 and then push the optical disk drives toward the rear of the DM220 enclosure. Make sure the optical disk drive is securely seated at the rear and then turn on the power again.

The data “Compare” function failed?
The file system on the memory card may be corrupted. Please correct the errors on a computer and check for file system errors before attempting to burn another disc.