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DM200 Series

When recording iPhone/iPad, why the File Manager in DM200 cannot display pictures or video files?
When connecting DM200, please make sure iPhone/iPad must have been powered on and the screen unlocked. After connecting DM200 to an iOS device with USB cable, iOS device will display the following dialog screen (Left picture). Press “Allow”. After 3 ~ 5 seconds, the following dialog screen will appear on DM200. Press Enter (Right Arrow key), DM200 Select Source screen will show the USB device. Press Enter (Right Arrow key) again, the File Manager screen will appear, and the pictures or videos can be displayed.

When inserting the memory card and loading an optical disc into DM200, why you need to wait a while before you can select the files?
This is the characteristics of the optical disc drive. The drive needs a little time to spin up to working speed in order to read the data and therefore the files cannot be selected until the data on the disc are retrieved. At that time, DM200’s green light will be lit and the files can be selected for desired operations.

When connecting certain camcorder or camera, why the file listing cannot be displayed?
For connecting certain camcorder or camera to DM200 using USB cable, the camcorder or camera may inquire the mode of connection for USB, the user must respond correctly in order to display the file listing. Please consult the user’s manual for details. DM200 does not support exFAT format, or the Android MTP/PTP USB connection mode.

Why some of the files in camcorder or camera cannot be shown in the file list of DM200?
DM200 can only support file size of up to 4GB. If the file size is larger than 4GB, then it cannot be shown in the file list.

Why my camcorder or camera cannot connect to DM200?
DM200 does not support exFAT file format (please note that exFAT format may be used in memory card of 64GB or higher capacity). If the user set up the memory format as exFAT, then Select Source screen in DM200 will not show the USB device. We suggest that the user reformat the memory card into FAT32 format before using or change the memory card to 32GB or smaller capacity.

When DM200 gets powered on while connected to iPhone/iPad, why occasionally the display will stay at the Select Device screen and the keys have no function?
The situation can be resolved by unplug the cable and reconnect. We suggest the user power on DM200 first, then connect iPhone/iPad.

Why I cannot find the data recorded the second time on BD player?
Because some BD players do not support “multi-session recording” format; The user may change the player to the newer BD players that support such format or simply record all data during the first recording.

After recording the photos or videos onto the optical disc, why the BD player cannot find the files for playing?
If the BD player does not support the recording format of the video files on the camcorder, the BD player will not display such files on the play list. The user may change the BD player to the ones supporting such video format.

After using DM200 to burn the photos and videos from camcorder or camera onto the optical disc, if the user wants to add more data to the same disc, why the old data on the camcorder or camera cannot be found on the DM200 file list? Could it be possible that the files on camcorder or camera have been removed?
This is the special features of Record New in DM200 which can save the user time and space on the disc. DM200 will compare the data from the same file source to see if the data already recorded on the disc is the same as the data to be recorded. If they are duplicates, such files will not be listed on the file selection for burning onto the disc. DM200 will not change, modify, or delete any file on the data source (i.e. camcorder, camera, or iOS devices).

Why sometimes iPad Pro cannot successfully connect with DM200 to do the Record function?
When iPad Pro is idle for extended time, it may go into energy saving mode to shut down certain functions. When encounter this situation, please disconnect the USB cable between iPad Pro and DM200, then start some activities on iPad Pro such as playing a YouTube video. While the video is playing, reconnect the USB cable between iPad Pro and DM200. The connection should be established within 30 seconds.