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With the increasing popularity of digital music, many music lovers want to preserve their audio CD collections and store them in digital music format to facilitate editing, and playback on digital music players. The digital music storage manufacturer EZPnP has just announced a new version of DP330-N in its EZDigiPod™ product series that can support audio CD to digital music conversion and music playback in multiple audio file formats, including MP3/FLAC/WAV. With its advanced feature of “CD MAKE” function the new DP330-N can also reverse the conversion and burn a playable audio CD disc, i.e. creating a personal CD album, from the digital audio file sources saved (either on a USB drive or an SD memory card) with no computer needed.

The new EZDigiPod™ DP330-N can convert audio CD’s or any audio sources in multiple digital music formats including MP3/FLAC/WAV for storage in your digital music player, flash memory cards, and USB flash drives, without using a computer. The operation is as easy as step 1-2-3. You simply place an audio CD in the disc tray and insert either a flash memory card or a USB drive first, then follow the instruction in the LCD display to press the appropriate buttons on the new DP330-N, the entire audio CD or the selected audio tracks can be converted into digital format and save to either memory card or USB drive, with NO PC NEEDED! It can also provide real time CD title update via Internet while audio CD is being ripped (note: Internet connection needed). With the advanced “CD MAKE” function on the new DP330-N, you could also reverse the process by taking from MP3/FLAC/WAV formatted audio files either in a memory card or a USB drive and burn a playable audio CD disc, i.e. creating your own personal music CD album, which can be played back on most regular CD players or car audio players.

The new EZDigiPod™ DP330-N is now available for immediate shipment, please contact EZPnP Technologies for pricing and delivery information.

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