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DP330 Series

Why DP330 could not download music CD information from the Internet?
Please make sure the network connection to Internet is properly set up. The ICON will indicate whether the connection is successful

Why DP330 could not convert MP3 or FLAC file and burn into a music CD?
Please make sure the disc in the unit is a new blank disc. If the disc has been used or burned previously, then it cannot be used on DP330 for burning a music CD

Why cannot play the music files on DP330?
For DP330 series, only the MP3 and FLAC music file formats are currently supported.

Why does the LCD display show “Unsupported File System” when the USB storage device or SD memory card is inserted and at the same time DP330 cannot perform any operation (the operation can resume only after such USB storage device or SD card is removed)?
Currently DP330 can only support the standard file format in FAT32 system. If the USB storage device or SD memory card has been formatted differently (such as NTFS or exFAT), then DP330 will display the “Unsupported File System” message when such storage device is inserted. Please change the storage device or memory card and use only the media formatted for FAT32. Alternatively, the user may need to use a PC to convert the media into FAT32 format.

Is there a media capacity limit for USB storage device or memory card to be used in DP330?
DP330 can support the capacity up to 1TB for USB storage device or memory card.