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MP300 Series

Why there was no response when a USB Digital Music player or SDMMC is inserted into MP300?
Please turn off the MP300, remove the inserted media device (USB Digital Music player, SD card, or MMC card), then turn the MP300 back on and re-insert the media device (USB Digital Music player, SD card, or MMC card)

Why the files converted by MP300 series from a USB Digital Music player cannot be played by the MP3 device?
For certain Digital Music players, the files need to be placed on the play list created by the PC for them to be played (such as some Digital Music players from Sony, Panasonic, .. etc.)

How do you set the Bit Rate for different quality levels of recording format in MP300?
Press the triangular button on MP300 for 2 seconds and enter the Setup screen. Move the cursor left or right to locate the Digital Music Bit Rate Set function for selection.

What to do if I/O errors occur when the flash card is inserted into MP300 ?
Please remove the flash card and re-insert it again. Occasionally bad contact surface problems may happen in less frequently used card reader. If the display has no response, please use the reset function to restart the unit.