About EZPnP

About EZPnP

EZPnP Technologies Corp. has committed to the market of portable storage systems since year 2000. With our extensive R&D capabilities and our commitment of making life easier with the help of technology, EZPnP has gained its leading position and reputation in the field of digital backup/sharing devices. The name “EZPnP” was chosen to reflect the company’s core product concept of “Easy Plug & Play “. Our business philosophy is to create digital products for user’s enjoyment and to offer simplicity of use for daily life.

EZPnP’s core businesses are in design, manufacturing, and marketing of a variety of standalone portable systems that offer users a convenient way of handling their data in an electronic world. The innovation in this area has spun the following patented product series that won rave reviews.
EZDigiMagic ™ : Digital photo backup system from flash memory cards to CD, DVD, and hard disk.
EZDigiPod ™ : High-speed Audio CD to Digital Music Converter, Burner, & Player
EZDisCopy ™: CD / DVD duplicator systems
OptiStore™ : Ultra slim external USB2.0 DVD/CD combo burners with card reader.

Our staffs have over 20+ years of experiences and specialization in the field of PC peripherals, EZPnP has competitive advantage in terms of economic scales, quality control, and flexibility. In summary, we offer:
Affordable quality products
Smart solution for the need of both home and small businesses
Enhanced and innovative digital devices
User friendly design and easy-to-install products

Respect of customers and professionalism are the primary corporate values at EZPnP. Our mission is to provide the leading edge innovative products with the best quality, value, and services for the consumer electronic market. EZPnP strongly believes that quality and customer service are essential for building our long-term success in business. With our continuous refinement and innovation, we promise you more new Easy Plug & Play products will be coming in the near future.

EZPnP Technologies Corp.
Website: http://www.ezpnp.com

Digital Backup Device Manufacturer

EZPnP Technologies Corp. has been specializing in producing Portable Storage Device and Digital Backup Device for many years, providing Blu-ray Burner, DVD Burner and Video Backup Burner with superior quality and competitive price.  Our main products include External Slim Blue Ray Burner, External Slim DVD Burner and Digital Music Converter; superior quality is guaranteed.  We also supply Universal AC Power Adapter, Video Cable and IR Remote Control with durable quality.  If you are searching for DVD Burner, CD Burner and LAN Cable, please do not hesitate to contact us.

‧ Main Products:
   ‧ External Slim Blu Ray Burner
   ‧ External Slim DVD Burner
   ‧ Portable Photo Backup DVD Burner
   ‧ Digital Music Converter
   ‧ Universal AC Power Adapter